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Language and Gender Essay

  • Submitted by: alicegxx
  • on December 2, 2013
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Analysis of how language is used to address different audiences

Both of the texts that I am analysing are reporting on the same story, one found on the bbc news website which is aimed at adults and over, the other being found on the ‘news round’ website which target audience is from 10-14.
The news round article is extremely short in comparison to the bbc one, not just being the article itself, the sentences are also relatively short and non-complex, this is because the audience reading this article will not be as interested in reading a couple of pages of writing, they only need know the key facts of the article. In the news round article the few sentences that there are could be used as headlines in a more serious version of the article, this is because the BBC one will go into a lot more detail when describing the events because adults will have a better understanding of what they are reading and what is going on, so by just focusing on the basics the news round article will tell us the main facts without going on too long and boring their target audience.
The language used in both articles is also a key point; In the bbc article there is more depth to what they are saying compared to the news round one “It’s extremely difficult to work out what’s happened in Syria as both sides of the conflict are blaming each other” compared to “the Syrian government has denied any use of chemical weapons, blaming rebel fighters instead” whilst the latter is shorter it is more obvious the message the writer is trying to get across, instead of using ‘easy’ words so that the audience understand, in the back article they can get straight to the point as the language used is for adults, their target audience they do not need to worry too much about making it extremely easy to understand, the bbc one tells us exactly what the issue is and what the governments doing about it, whereas the news round one does not go into that much detail.
It is clear the bbc article is for...

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