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Assignment 1:LANGUAGE RELATED TASKS Word count: 802. This coat fits me, but it doesn’t suit me. Meaning: Describes that the coat I’m trying on is the right size (fit), but it is wrong color, shape etc (doesn’t suit) Pronunciation: /fits / /su:t/ Form: Affirmative: Subject + fits + object; Subject + suit + object Negative: Subject + doesn’t + fit + object; doesn’t +suit + object Interrogative: Does + subject + fit + object; does + suit + object. Appropriacy: Neutral, used in both written and spoken language. Problems with meaning: Ss might think 1) ‘suit’ as a piece of clothing 2) Confusing ‘fit’ and ‘suit’. Solutions: Explain ‘suit’ as verb and ‘suit’ as noun. 2) CCQs and referring back to context. Problems with pronunciation: Combination of vowels will be mispronounced, Ss may say /swit/ instead of /su:t/. Ss may say /fi:t/ instead of /fit/ Solution: Elicit phonetic script on board and drill. Problems with form: Ss might forget to use ‘s’ with fits or use suits instead of fit. Elicit on board and highlight. Problems with appropriacy: none. Context: showing different pictures of people fitting clothes. suit-don’t fit, fit-don’t suit, fit-suit and don’t fit-don’t suit. Conveying meaning: Tell a story about friends going shopping together, going in fitting rooms, trying clothes on. So one of them tried a dress which is right size, but the color is different and doesn’t look good on her. Checking understanding: 1. Is this coat right size? (yes) 2. If dress suits you, does it always fit you? (no) 3. Do I look good in it? (yes) 4. Can jeans fit me? (yes) I’m getting used to living in Paris. Meaning: We use get used to to say that an action or situation becomes less strange or new, or becomes more comfortable. When used with present perfect,these two forms can imply that,
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