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Language Analysis – Yossi Balbin In Recent years there has been an increase in the number of teenagers getting body piercings. In the opinion article “Scrap metal faces can be dangerous”, published in the Herald and Weekly Times, Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg voices his opinion on the issue. In an authoritative tone, Carr-Gregg contends that the body piercing is a form of risk taking behaviour that may lead to other dangerous behaviours and therefore parents should be required to provide consent for children under eighteen wanting a body piercing. In his article, Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg asserts his sense of authority by using a generalisation. He states “Experiences suggest that most Australian teenagers take risks.” By using an authoritative tone, Carr-Gregg reassures the reader that the evidence is credible and he influences the reader to respond positively and agree with his expert opinion. The generalisation he uses, suggests that all teenagers take risks. This evokes a feeling of separation between the readers and the teenagers, which will position the readers against the risk takers. Later on, Carr-Gregg uses statistics and evidence to escalate his appeal to common sense. He compares “Eating disorders” to “Body piercing”. This proves that when you fall into a pattern that has it’s dangers and risks, you are likely yo “cause significant harm,” to yourself. By using these techniques, Carr-Gregg pressures the reader to agree and implies that anyone who is unintelligent and is not self-evident. He positions the reader to view the writer’s statement in a more convincing way because it’s more reliable. In addition to these techniques, Carr-Gregg uses exaggeration to appeal to the reader’s emotion. He claims that”…Eyebrows…could sever a nerve, causing facial paralysis.” Simply severing nerve is not enough to cause facial paralysis. This overstatement

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