Language Acquisition Essay

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“FIRST AND SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION” LINGUISTICS PAPER Lecturer: Slamet Setiawan, Ph.D By: Ela Rosyida (147835052) ENGLISH EDUCATION DEPARTMENT LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE FACULTY POST GRADUATE PROGRAM SURABAYA STATE UNIVERSITY Contents A. Introduction B. Theories of First Language Acquisition C. Stages of First Language Acquisition 1. Cooing and Babbling 2. One Word Stage 3. Two Word Stage 4. Telegraphic Speech D. The Acquisition Process 1. Developing Morphology 2. Developing Syntax 3. Developing Semantics E. Second Language Acquisition 1. Krashen’s Input Hypothesis 2. Second Language Learning 3. Acquisition and Learning 4. Understanding The Role of Cognition in Learning Process 5. Learning Styles and Learning Strategies 6. Understanding Feelings F. Conclusion G. Reference A. Introduction First language acquisition is not the same as the second language acquisition since first language acquisition is more naturally happen. However, it does not mean that the second language acquisition cannot happen naturally. The second language acquisition can also happen through community. For example, when you are Indonesian and you stay in US, you will get your second language acquisition more naturally. However, the second language acquisition is more about conscious learning. The main point that the writer wants to figure out from this paper are about stages and the developments of the first language acquisition and also how to gain the second language acquisition. This paper is dealing with literature study. This writing is referencing some books. B. First Language Acquisition First language acquisition of children is based on what language that they learn first. It usually comes from their parents. When their parents communicate with them using English, then their first language
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