Language Essay

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Language is a wild thing. It is the ability for your mind to spit out what ever it happens to be wrapped around. For better or worse, it is used every day by nearly everyone, though with varying degrees of mastery. I would like to master the English language. To be a person that can bend words to his every need and paint whatever picture he wants with them. To at times depict precisely what is on my mind and others be able to say, to the T, how something looks. This does not involve having a brobdingnagian vocabulary, using obfuscating words and generally sounding like an SAT thesaurus or Dickens. Nor does it entail longwinded paragraph-long sentences; especially those requiring multiple semicolons and footnotes to explain obscure references to books no one else has ever heard of, let alone read. No. To me, in order to master a language you need to be able to see through all the clutter and cut to the heart of things. You need to be able to clearly and simply get to the bottom of everything. Then, from the base, build your image up until it is in complete clarity. There is a subtle balance between not being descriptive enough and being wordy. In order to be a master of the language you need to be able to dance down this line. Never straying far from it, though varying as the situation calls for it. There is nothing as dull as consistent perfection. This is what I want in English. To know the right words, how to spin them, how to use them in the best way possible to release what ever thoughts may be pent up. This would be true mastery, and that is what I strive
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