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“Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words.” -Rumi. This quote is a perfect example of what I learned from the documentary, We Still Live Here — Âs Nutayuneân. Language itself is a powerful tool; it is a representation of who we are and whom we will become, which will set us apart from everyone else. Language is a sense of identity and security for us, making us unique and more significant from everyone else. It is the base of all human interconnections, to be able to communicate to another person in a whole other language is like speaking in secret code. Language is capable of creating stronger bonds, and there is also an instant spark in connection. Language not only gives us a sense of identity, but it gives us meaning. To be able to communicate and articulate our thoughts gives us meaning. Language also tells us who we are; it tells our history, where we come from, and most importantly, makes a person who they are. In the documentary, We Still Live Here — Âs Nutayuneân, I saw how important language is for these people. Their sacred language gave them meaning, a sense of identity, and it made them who they are. When the documentary first started, my initial thought was, “Language is only important to them because of communication.” As the documentary went on, I learned that their native language was not only important to them because it is another way for them to communicate towards one another, but their language was part of who they are and all that was left of their native culture. To them, their language was their safety net, their sense of security, because they know if they want to preserve any part of their culture, their language was their supporting bone. If they lose their language, they would lose apart of themselves as well, part of their identity. After watching this documentary, it was clear to me that
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