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Importance of using language effectively Language encompasses social values, facilitates notion of acceptance. Thus using language effectively is bread and butter to function in our society. Linguistic proficiency makes possible to radiate one’s thoughts, ideas and enables us to communicate with one another. Impure language may force an inferior opinion upon beholder. After reading appointed stories, I would like to reflect on Amy Tan’s “Mother’s tongue” short story first. In her writing Amy is trying to portray linguistic barrier that can have a direct influence of an opinion upon that person. In two simple sentences Amy was able to manifest a clear picture of somewhat I was already aware, but never troubled put in perspective. I believed that her English reflected the quality of what she had to say. That is, because she expressed them imperfectly her thoughts were imperfect. (Amy 251) An implication of almost stereotypical notion, that imperfection of one’s speech somehow reflects that person’s authenticity and legitimacy. The different Englishes we use daily might be only acknowledged in certain circumstances. English we use at home indeed is different from what we use elsewhere and may not be acknowledgeable in other places. As I read other stories I could find similar connection like David’s Sedaris “Me Talk Pretty One Day”. David found himself in France learning the language. Before beginning school there’d been no shutting me up, but now I was convinced that everything I said was wrong. (David 238) Where a man at age of forty one was struck down by an implied inferior opinion due to impure language he gasped at the time. Just as Amy’s mother David was ignored, mistreated based upon his language skills. “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie and “Learning to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass stories in my opinion did not connect as David’s and Amy’s

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