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In 1876, the first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bells, which has changed the way of communication forever. Telephone can converts sounds into electronic signals suitable to transmit through cable over long distances and reconverts the signal back to audible form to the users. Because of this characteristic, it promoted real time communication, broke the geographical limits and foster the bonding between human. Telephone has greatly changed our lifestyle so it is considered as a game changer for the past decades. Telephone can be a game changer since it replaces the demerits of the old communication method. Before telephone was invented, the most common way for people to communicate with each other was writing letters. However, stated by Rasel (2013), writing is a slow, inconvenient and time consuming method of communication. It fails to perform the characteristics of telephone, providing instant respond from either two parties so as to reduce the misunderstanding of messages delivered. Moreover, writing is limited by geographical constrains, it takes time to send a letter to friends or family members who are far away from us, but with the emergence of telephone this limitation is solved. Only with 2 devices, we can communicate with anyone at any time, which is surely a breakthrough in communication methods. Based on these unique specialties of telephone, it has forever changed and shaped a new form of communication so it is regarded as a game changer in human history. One of the major reasons contributed to have a lasting impact is that developers of telephone keep on improving their design and functions in order to satisfy the want from its consumers, from lane to lane then by radio-transmitting, from fixed to portable. This improvement pushes the usage of phone even further. We are no longer limited at specific places but can phone and answer a

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