Landfills In Florida

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Landfills are a big part of Florida's waste management system. They are usually placed in excavated areas such as gravel pits. They are and in the near future will be one of the easiest ways to dispose of our solid waste. Even hazardous materials are stored there. Landfill sites on many accounts are blamed for poison of the groundwater supply and other organisms such as local wildlife and even humans. Some landfill sites attempt to find better ways to dispose of their toxins and waste such as burning, however this causes air waste pollution and due to this is not the any better than to keep it in its toxic underground coffins. Although there has been several solutions proposed to find a better alternative for waste disposal none have passed on a scale big enough to make too much of a difference. Though there is a light at the end of the tunnel. St. Lucie County has as of 2006 proposed use of "lighting-like" plasma arcs to vaporize the waste at temperature levels that are hotter than the sun. They propose that there will be less bi-product than that of burning coal or natural gases. Though there have been other accounts of this technology on a smaller scale in Australia and Germany than failed to meet emissions standards. Although landfills will most likely stay as a big part of Florida’s waste disposal due to their accessibility and simplicity. Their waste is put in a hole and compacted then forgotten. Kind of an out of sight out of mind thing for most people. Landfills have been relatively cheap to sustain if you don’t count the irreplaceable environment. however due to rising land prices and new laws in maintaining waste it is becoming increasingly difficult for landfill operators to maintain the budget that they were previously set on. Landfill compacts were first seen in ancient Greece but were not maintained the technology that we have today, thus poisoning

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