Land of Aryan Essay

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IRAN “The LAND OF ARYANS” Introduction: MY HOOK: Drinking Alcoholic drink is against the law in Iran , even though “The first person who discovered pure alcohol by distilling wine was a well-known Iranian alchemist Mohammad ibn Zakaria Razi”. WHY LISTENING TO MY SPEECH ? Lately, we all hearing the news about Iran’s nuclear agreement , so I decided to inform you a lot more about Iran. The country of Iran which most of us know it as famous name of “Persia” has quite of a history. We have over 1000 years of background culture, civilization, history. Iran is one of oldest, largest, and most powerful Empire that mankind ever seen. Cyrus the great, who established the idea of Persian Empire, was the first person who brought up the idea of human rights. So Iranian/Persians had a major role throughout the history. Now I’m going to give you some information about Iran, land of Aryan. Such as: - Persian religion - Persian art - Persian language. ART Firstly, Iran is one of the richest countries in art and architecture. * Poetry in Persian culture has a deep root, and there were many famous poets such as: Hafiz, Rumi and Ferdousi. * Persians are known for their rug too. In ancient times, Persians invented the carpet weaving. There are some evidences that over 2,500 years ago in Achaemenian court of Cyrus the Great at Shiraz they decorated walls with Persian rugs. Transition: Furthermore Religion Dominating religion in Iran is Islam. According to Council on foreign religion ( ) about 90% of Iranian ‘s population are Shia * Zoroastrianism was an is an ancient Iranian religion Zoroastrians believe that there is one supreme god and they call him “Ahura Mazda” There are still so many Persians who are following Zoroaster. Language * Lastly, According to
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