Land Based Assignment 1 Essay

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Skills for land based and outdoor activities Content Page 1. Front page 2. Content page 3. P1 4. M1 P1 – Describe four different land-based outdoor and adventurous activities Hiking involves walking in natural places like as mountains, hills and other scenic routes. It can be done by anyone of any age and you should generally have some good navigation skills. The equipment that is needed to go hiking is a map, compass and walking boots, and some warm clothing; other equipment may be required depending on the length of the hike, the environment and the weather. The UK Armed Forces do a lot of hiking because navigation is an essential part of their job when on operations or field exercises; it is done very regularly as it maintains their level of fitness as well as improving their navigation skills in all types of conditions, so there are many positives to it. Hiking can take place anywhere and everywhere depending on what the group/individual wants to achieve from the activity. Popular places for scenic routes and challenging terrain are in the Lake District, Peak District, the Brecon Beacons in Wales and other places around Britain. In the peak district you can go on personal guided walks or group walks. Abseiling is the descent of a cliff or anything that is too steep and tall to descend without protection like a harness and rope, as well as all the other equipment. This activity is used when people are climbing, gorge walking, caving or cannoning; the UK Armed Forces also use this when troops are deployed, but is often referred to as “fast roping. “There a plenty of places across the UK where abseiling can be done; places such as Shropshire, the Peak District and Lake District, Sussex are just some of the places where abseiling can be done in the UK. The UK military implements this activity as part of their training, the Parachute Regiment
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