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Case Analysis: Lancer Gallery I. Summary Lancer Gallery is a company that acquires and sells exotic artifacts. Lancer Gallery began in the early 1900s as a trading post operation in Southwestern United States. The company was known for selling original southwestern jewelry and pottery. Lancer eventually expanded its product line to artifacts from South America and Africa. It has a reputation as one of the most valued sources for authentic African and Indian artifacts. As the company grew in popularity, Lancer decided to expand from the original Arizona headquarters by opening new branch offices in Los Angeles, Miami and Boston. Eventually, Lancer Gallery was able to expand their product line to include highly crafted replicas for customers wanting decorative gift items. The overwhelming acceptance and desire for South American and African artifacts have opened the door to heavy competition. Another barrier facing Lancer is that South American and African artifacts are not easy to procure due to political conflicts, exporting restrictions and artifact scarcity. Consequently, Lancer continued to expand its replica product line. Opportunity has presented itself in a possible contract with a mass-merchandising store chain for projected $4million in sales for the replicas. Additionally it is a lucrative prospect to differentiate the firm from its expanding competition. Lancer has a major business decision to make concerning the merchandising store chains proposal. In doing the contract it may taint their name recognition of being a reputable dealer in authentic items. Yet the contract will increase revenue which has been on the downward slope due to increased competition and recessin. II. Case Problem / Opportunity Lancer Gallery is facing the problems of whether they want to remain as a seller of authentic artifacts or accept the offer from the

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