Lance Armstrong's Doping Scandal

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When Lance Armstrong looked up the definition of cheat he found it meant to gain an advantage on a rival or foe that they didn’t have. (Kimmage) However, Lance didn’t view it that way but as a way to level the playing field (Kimmage). Yet he felt threatened by those who confronted him about his doping and destroyed their lives without feeling any emotions. One of many that Armstrong went after was a long time friend and fellow cyclist Frankie Andreu and his wife Betsy, who refused to lie about Armstrong’s confession he had made to the Dr. in 1996, while getting treated for cancer (Macur). Armstrong said that Betsy was obsessed and vindictive, and then he tried to blackball Frankie from the cycling world. Then in 2005 the Andreu couple was requested to testify in a lawsuit about Armstrong’s confession (Macur). Armstrong had more power and money this time when he succeed in convincing people of the cycling world not to hire Frankie, jeopardizing his ability to make money (Macur). The Andreu couple are not the only people Armstrong destroyed for outing his doping. He also went after Emma O’Reilly, a young lady that worked for the Postal Service team by massaging, doing laundry, booking hotels and preparing their food. After Emma quit working for the team she was contacted for several years before coming clean about the doping going on with the cycling team (Pilon). Once Emma accepted to do an interview, Armstrong sued her while making her life a living hell (Pilon). After settling the law suit outside of court Armstrong still gives Emma grief about coming clean. Anyone that has confronted Armstrong about his doping lived to regret what came

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