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Against All Odds Some would call him the most prestigious athlete in the world, others consider him their inspiration, however most view him as the most determined and courageous man to ever walk the Earth. This man is Lance Armstrong. He has won arguably the most grueling athletic event a record seven times, and has overcome a disease where his chance of survival was under fifty percent. Lance Armstrong defines determination and responsibility. Although he holds the record for the most consecutive Tour De France wins with seven, and countless other victories in racing, no trophy or metal can compare to his win in his heroic battle against cancer. On October 2, 1996, Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer. But that was not…show more content…
He had one of the most grueling stages on a lockdown when he noticed a heroic effort put in by one of his rival cyclers. Then out of his fairness and respect for the game he allowed the racer by the name of Marco Pantani to take the win as a sign of support for Pantani's comeback. Another epic part of Lance’s career was when he had fallen during a stage in the tour and still had the determination to get up and win the event. The scene was set in Luz Ardiden, a mountain in the Pyrenees range, where a spectator had caught their bag onto Lance’s right handlebar, causing him to crash; not only resulting in a cut elbow and forearm, but also doing severe damage to his bike. Armstrong then went on to ride a broken bike past all other racers and win the stage. Lance is arguably the greatest and most courageous athlete to ever walk the earth. If it was not for his near death experience he would have never had the drive to work at racing and become a more determined person. These words by Armstrong sum up how much his life changed from the moment he was diagnosed. “Birthdays don't really matter much anymore ... for me, I sort of have a new birthday and that's October 2nd, the day I was diagnosed, ... the day we all sort of look to and mark these milestones by one year, two year, five year, 10 year. Hopefully, I have a 50

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