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Tanner Mr. Moore English I Honors Due August 29, 2012 “I am very firm in my belief that cancer is not a form of death. I choose to redefine it: it is a part of life. One afternoon when I was in remission and sitting around waiting to find out if the cancer would come back, I made an acronym out of the word: Courage, Attitude, Never give up, Curability, Enlightenment, and Remembrance of my fellow patients.” (Armstrong/Jenkins 267) The passage above is located towards the end of the book which is when Armstrong has already won the Tour de France and is thinking about how lucky he is that the cancer didn’t come back. Armstrong explains that cancer does not mean death it’s just another disease that anybody can get through if you have and do all of the things in his acronym. In this part of the book he’s remembering how bad the chemo was and how he managed to get through it. He’s also very proud that he completed the hardest thing a cyclist could do AND come in first place competing against fully healthy people who had never went through something like cancer. The passage that I chose relates to the overall meaning of the book by them both basically saying you can overcome anything if you put your mind to it and stay positive. The first sentence in the passage says that cancer is not automatic death it’s just a big bump in the road. Armstrong does not let cancer over take his life, instead he keeps telling himself that he will get through it and not just lay in his bed to die. He says in the book that cancer chose the wrong person to mess with and that it’s not going to stay in him. This passage caught my eye because it has good meaning and it is the moral of the story. I like how Armstrong defines cancer as just a speed bump in his life and it seems like it hasn’t affected him at all racing wise. My personal connection with this passage is my Grandfather

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