Lance Armstrong Allegations

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Were the Allegations Correct? “I know who won those seven Tours, my teammates know who won those seven Tours, and everyone I competed against knows who won those seven Tours”( At the age of thirteen, Lance Armstrong won the Iron Kids Triathlon, and just three years later became a professional. Throughout his career, Lance Armstrong has claimed many titles including: Tour de Luxembourg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Cascade Olympics, and the nationally known Tour De France, along with many other titles. Beginning in 1998, all the way to 2005, Lance Armstrong was the winner of seven Tour De France titles, making him the first person even to win seven in a row. But now there are seven lines of blanks and no Tour de France winner in the record book for those years ( On August 24, 2012 the United States Anti-Doping…show more content…
Now the debate still continues whether or not Lance Armstrong should be stripped of his Tour de France titles. Lance Armstrong is seen as one of the greatest cyclist of all times after consecutively winning titles from 1998-2005. His success throughout his cycling career has made him one of the most known cyclists in history but as of August 24, 2012 the US Anti-Doping Agency determined that Armstrong has used banned substances and erased his cycling titles, and further banned him for life from the sport (Lance Armstrong) His goal [of winning the Tour de France] led him to depend on EPO, testosterone and blood transfusions but also, more ruthlessly, to expect and to require that his team-mates would likewise use drugs to support his goals if not their own," concluded the report. "It was not enough that his team-mates give maximum effort on the bike, he also required that they adhere to the doping programme outlined for them or be replaced (Fotheringham,

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