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Halloween! 10.28.12 I. Sunday Morning, "WAKE UP TO THE WAR" A. (SETUP) A Little Halloween background 1. Samhain - time for open portal for dead to come out, family members at table settings, demons also so they put on costumes and masks to ward off evil spirits or disguise themselves to the evil spirits. and maybe also made jack o' lanterns cuz kids would go around to houses dressed up asking for food. 2. But really the Druids would celebrate the time of the dead and would go door to door asking for a family member for human sacrifice. If not, then a hex would be placed on u and a jack o' lantern so that evil spirits would come or stay away. B. The Reality of the Spiritual War 1. God, Satan, angels&demons a) God created all Angels (1) (Col 1:16 ESV) “For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him.”). b) Names of Angels: living creatures, messengers, angels of God, elect angels, holy angels, powerful angels, chief princes, ministers, sons of God (Job 1.6, 2.1 NKJV), sons of the mighty, mighty ones, gods, holy ones, stars, host, chariots. (1) Michael (“who is like God?”) was “one of the chief princes” (Dan 10.13), archangel (jude 9), is the leader of the heavenly army and will lead in the final victory over the devil after the thousand-year reign of Christ (Rev 12.7). (2) Gabriel (“Devoted to God”) stands in the presence of God (Lk 1.19). Makes special announcements and appearances, i.e. Zechariah & Mary and Joseph (Luke), and a revealer of God’s kindgom purposes (Dan 9.21-22; 8.16). (3) Lucifer (Isa 14.12), called “son of the morning”, who fell and became devil. (2 Cor 11.13-15) Satan disguises Himself as Angel of Light. Great dragon, ancient serpent, devil, Satan, who leads the whole world

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