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January 2011 Section B: Families and Households Total for this section: 60 marks 0 6 Explain what is meant by ‘net migration’ (Item 2A). (2 marks) Two marks for a satisfactory explanation or definition, such as: the difference between the numbers emigrating and those immigrating. 0 7 Suggest two reasons why people may migrate to the United Kingdom, apart from that referred to in Item 2A. (4 marks) Two marks for each of two appropriate reasons suggested, such as: to join family to escape conflict political asylum to access state welfare provision, eg health, housing, benefits to study/access education. . NB: no marks for search for employment. 0 8 Identify three ways in which greater ethnic diversity has contributed to family diversity (Item 2A). (6 marks) Two marks for each of three ways identified, such as: the number of extended families the proportion of lone-parent families gender relationships the number of children in a family relationships between children and parents attitudes to marriage. 0 9 Examine the reasons for changes in the patterns of marriage and cohabitation in the last 40 years or so. (24 marks) . 19 – 24 Concepts and issues such as the following may appear: re-marriage rates, divorce, secularisation, rise of feminism, access to contraception, birth rates, welfare provision, attitudes to careers, confluent love, access to higher education, neo-conventional family, legislation, individualisation, single person households. Analysis and evaluation may be developed, for instance through comparing the relative importance of particular factors. . In answering this question candidates may refer to some of the following sources and/or relevant alternative ones: Barlow et al, Beck and Beck-Gernsheim, Bernades, Chester, Gibson, Giddens, Hart, Morgan, Stacey. 1 0 Using material from Item 2B

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