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Lalala Essay

  • Submitted by: ccjo
  • on May 19, 2011
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QuaDean Hardison
Ms. Dale
British Literature 1st period
Research Paper: Frank O’Connor

Frank O’Connor has contributed to many literatures that we read today, he is a great poet, short story writer, and dramatist.
The Irish War of Independence was a guerrilla war between Ireland and Britain. The Irish Republican Army fought Britain for their Independence (Lennon 1805). In 1918 O'Connor joined the First Brigade of the Irish Republican Army and served in combat during the Irish War of Independence. Nationalists formed their own military organization of Irish Volunteers.   Battles occurred from January 12, 1919 to July 11, 1921 ending with a treaty from both countries. Anglo-Irish resulted from the war returning the independence to most of Ireland (Lennon1806).
After the treaty was signed it caused many deaths throughout Ireland. In the first two days of the treaty being signed 16 people were killed. Problems grew heavily between the Catholics and Protestants (Lennon 1804). Loyalists began to bomb Catholic areas so the Irish Republican Army began to take Protestants to their work places. Time would bring more causalities and disagreements with the two groups. This would later lead to the Irish Civil War.
Frank O’Connor was a lonely and timid child and used to stay home from school sick often(Lennon 1803). He grew up with a both his parents but he was afraid of his father (Frank O’Connor). His father was an alcoholic and was never really home because he was re-enlisted to the British Army during World War I. He had many father figures growing up one of the first was David Corkey who he looked to since he was nine years old. After his ended he began to educate himself. He was an enthusiastic and committed reader throughout childhood and later it followed him as he furthered his education. He held a couple of jobs but they never last long because he was considered to be a dreamer, but at this time he already began to write.
During The Irish...

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  • Submitted by: ccjo
  • on May 19, 2011
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 1,767 words
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