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Lala Essay

  • Submitted by: guillaumezeller
  • on May 29, 2011
  • Category: English
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Anti-personnel landmines

Today I’m gonna talk to you about anti-personnel landmines. First of all, let’s explain what that means: Anti-personnel mines are small explosive devices that are placed under, on or near the ground. They are " victim-activated " which means that they have been designed to detonate when a person steps on, or comes near it, without noticing whether that person is a soldier or a civilian man, woman or child. They have been created to injure and disable soldiers during a war to increase logistical support requirements.
Those mines have been used during a lot of wars, and many of them are still charged. They continue to hurt civilians even if the fightings have ceased. A lot of countries are still concerned by landmines. Of all continents, Africa is the most affected. Twenty-two countries still have this problem there. There are also 18 countries in Asia , 11 in Europe and 8 in South Americas that are affected by landmines. Almost every country has ratified those kinds of mines but casualties are still remaining.
Casualties of landmines are often badly injured. Most of the time, their arms or legs, or even both are ripped off. Due to these injuries, those casualties often need prostheses, wheelchairs or walking assistance. Those injuries need surgical treatment and a lot of medical and psychological care, such as physical rehabilitation or psychological support. PHOTOS The ICRC, which is the International Committee of the Red Cross, has supported more than 80 rehabilitation projects in 25 countries. Many countries that are exposed to anti-personnel mines cannot afford to pay for those casualties. This is why the ICRC has provided its support. A lot of surgeons and specialized doctors have been sent to those countries, to treat casualties and to train local staff for those precise treatments.
Now, who are the victims of those mines? Typically men and boys that work in farms. Sometimes those people don’t have a choice but to enter those...

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  • Submitted by: guillaumezeller
  • on May 29, 2011
  • Category: English
  • Length: 772 words
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