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Ch 14 Test Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Approximately ____% of earth's water supply is available to us as liquid freshwater. a. .02 b. .2 c. 2 d. 22 e. 42 ____ 2. The hydrologic cycle will naturally purify and recycle fresh water as long as humans don't a. pollute the water faster than it is replenished. b. withdraw water from groundwater supplies faster than it is replenished. c. overload it with slowly degradable and nondegradable wastes. d. a and b only. e. All of these answers. ____ 3. Porous water-saturated layers of underground rock are known as a. aquifers. b. recharge areas. c. watersheds. d. runoff areas. e. water tables. ____ 4. Throughout the world, the most water is used for a. irrigation. b. industrial processes. c. needs of animals and humans. d. transportation. e. cooling towers of power plants. ____ 5. Water can be scarce because of a. water stress. b. dry climate. c. desiccation. d. drought. e. All of these answers. ____ 6. Overuse of groundwater can lead to a. saltwater intrusion. b. subsidence. c. aquifer depletion. d. All of these answers. e. None of these answers. ____ 7. Large dams and reservoirs a. reduce danger of flooding upstream. b. are inexpensive to build. c. cannot be used for outdoor recreation. d. can be used to provide electric power. e. All of these answers. ____ 8. Dams a. are relatively inexpensive to build. b. destroy agricultural land and scenic areas. c. facilitate migration of fish. d. provide downstream areas with nutrients. e. prevent flooding. ____ 9. China's Three Gorges project will a. be the world's largest hydroelectric plant. b. displace few people. c. flood large areas of forest. d. increase habitat for endangered pandas. e. prevent

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