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In 1972, one of the largest scandals in United States history occurred. This constitutional crisis was called the Watergate Scandal. The Watergate scandal consisted of a series of court cases and the initial break in of the Watergate Hotel Democratic offices, it was also said to help President Nixon into re-election. There were many suspicions against Nixon and his government partners but the blame instantly was on the five men arrested for the break in. The Watergate Scandal trials occurred through 1972-1974, when Nixon, close to being impeached, eventually resigned from the presidency. Nixon had gone through a series of court cases on the scandal and pleaded no involvement. The impact of the Watergate Scandal put a damper on the trusted Republican Party and a once favorable president. Before the hysteria of the Watergate Scandal, Nixon’s first term of presidency was very successful and he handled tensions with foreign and domestic affairs well. Throughout this time period of Vietnam and the Re- election, President Nixon worked on many foreign affairs such as the resolution of the conflicts in the Soviet Union and the Middle East ( He was popular throughout 1950-1970’s; some events that occurred during his vice presidency included the first lunar landing. The topmost achievement of his presidency was the returning of troops to the United States coupled with minor successes from Vietnam. His Presidency took a turn for the worst and was soon involved in the case after the immediate break in of the Watergate Hotel Offices, due to the suspicions of the people. As soon as Nixon was found to be a major part in the political sabotage, people such as John Dean, Alexander Butterfield, and the Washington post’s writers Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein took a stab at the apparent corruption of the president, and his involvement with the case

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