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H/W 9/10/12 Newspaper Report Los Angeles, the world famous Staple Centre took the stage as two veteran teams were ready to ball. The LA Lakers took on the Chicago Bulls for the NBA title. It was like the Clash of the Titans again. Sitting in the studio and seeing the fans enter the stadium confirmed that this game was going to be lively. Different banners, everyone in their own outfits supporting their main team. It was truly fascinating to see. Tonight’s game was definitely going to be one of the highlights of the year. One hour before the game, the teams were preparing for probably the hardest game of their careers. Fans took their seats awaiting this action packed game. Managers giving players some last minute advice, trying to motivate them. They knew it was going to be tough to keep 70,000 people entertained. Star player of the Lakers, Kobe Bryant had a few words to say before the match ‘If I want to succeed I will have to play my best. The only way I can do that is to focus and keep my head in the game.’ Chicago Bulls looked pumped and ready as they entered the arena. They were welcomed with a friendly cheer seeing as they were the opposition. As they announced the home team, the stadium roared. You could tell this was going to be an amazing evening. The score at the end of the first quarter was 37-29 to the Bulls. Lakers have a lot of catching up to do, losing the ball in the offence is not going make them win. Coach Carter explained to us ‘We have to keep the ball nice and tight otherwise we are going to leave to many open spaces allowing their attackers to come and snatch the ball. WE ARE GIVING AWAY EASY BUCKETS.’ The crowd urged the players on as the second half was about to be played. Bryant attempts a long three....HE SCORES! The ball quickly moved around the Bulls as if nothing happened, passing as if they had a set routine. Suddenly,

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