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On one crisp September night; clubbing night of course; my guy and I had gone to this weak club on the north side, were we had drunk a couple of alcoholic beverages, but the club was so lame that we didn’t even what to keep on drinking, so we left. Going home early really made the night suck, so we came up with a plan. We were off to the street races to chill and to forget about the lame club we had just gone too. Getting to the spot where the races happen, we saw that it was dead too. Now we were 2 for 2 on the night on the lame scale. Going home bored and somewhat tipsy; is a bad combination, and I learned that the best way there is. I turn my music up, hit the peddle to the floor, and I didn’t slow down when crossing some train tracks, which made my car go out of control and flip over a 10 foot fence. Now, why didn’t I have my seatbelt on? Who knows? Why did I get out of the car without a scratch? Only God knows. In conclusion what’s the moral behind this chapter of my life? As smart as I thought I was, I really didn’t know anything until I lived it. My first car came in fast in my life, but left even faster, all because I thought I knew everything about life at 16. How stupid is that? Learning should not stop at school, learning should be a lifetime event, which no one should take for granted, and people should be open to hear what others have to say, because they may have lived through something that might come up in my life sooner than I can ever see it

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