Lake Village Community Profile Essay

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Lake Village Community Profile ETH/316 April 20, 2013 Instructor: Lake Village Community Profile This is a community profile on Lake Village Arkansas. In this profile I will address the type of people who live in the community , the type of work the residence do, how and where members of the community interact such as festivals, grocery stores, community events, etc. I will also describe the responsibilities of the individuals to the community, the community’s responsibility to the individuals and as a member of the community what I think it means to be socially responsible. Lake Village Arkansas is a farming community. Its population is around 2500 to 3000. It is located in the Delta. Everything revolves around the farming. The Delta is known for its rich farm area. You can grow just about anything in the rich buckshot soil. The biggest crops in the area are cotton, corn, sorghum and soybeans. Catfish farming and some cattle farming is also around the area. There is very little industry in the area. The people in the area keep to themselves. They are mostly farmers and blue collared working class. You will probably never see a suit in Lake Village unless you go to the City Hall. There are no real class levels in Lake Village. There are a few people that have money but for the most part it is middle class and lower income people. Many folks in Lake Village still get government aid. Everybody knows everybody in Lake Village so no one starves or ever will. Most everyone in Lake Village keep close family bonds. There are only two main grocery stores in the area Sunflower Food Store and Dave's Food Mart and two main gas stations. The town only got a McDonald within the last 10 years. Everything revolves around the farming. Not much has changed in the last 30 years. There is Lakeside High School and the Beavers are the Mascot. The high school football

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