Laertis And Andartes: The Greek God Of Fire

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One day in Crete, Andartes, the god of wind and was sitting in his throne eating grapes and being fanned by his two beautiful assistants. All of the sudden, Laertis came to Andartes’s dwelling and got mad at him because his son died in the Trojan War. Andartes tried explaining to him that it wasn’t his fault and he couldn’t do much about it, but, he said he could do one thing. Andartes said they would have a Greek dance competition. If Laertis won, he would be able to be with his son for three days, but if he didn’t win, he wouldn’t. Laertis didn’t like this idea so he and Andartes fought. Because Andartes was the god of the wind, he made a kyklone that destroyed Laertis’s house. This made Laertis determined to win the competition. The next
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