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For this summative assignment using a reflective model of my choice, I am going to critically reflect upon an aspect of my professional development which has been chosen from my professional portfolio. Reflective writing is considered a key component of portfolio assessment because it provides evidence of skills development and increasing clinical competence (Smith 2005). The topic of reflection which this assignment shall be based on and analysed in more depth is a potential drug error being made whilst on my practice placement. The area of drug administration is a vital and important role of being a nurse. This assignment shall incorporate the research evidence available surrounding the role of drug administration and how this area can be improved. Furthermore, I am going to reflect on my thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the incident which occurred. It will also consider the quality of care I delivered, the skills I developed in my training whilst on placement and also what I have learned from the incident thereafter. To enable me to reflect on this issue in more depth, I have chosen Gibbs model (1988) to guide my reflective process. (Gibbs 1998) (appendix I). The rationale behind choosing Gibbs (1998) model of reflection is that it is structured in six different stages. This allows a thorough account of the incident to be developed and later reflected on. Gibbs model (1998) goes through six important points to aid the reflective process, including description of incident, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and finally action plan. Reflection is defined by Wilkinson (1996) as an active process whereby the professional gains an understanding of how historical, social, cultural, cognitive and personal experiences have contributed to professional knowledge and practice. Reflective practice can take place in-action or on-action. Reflection in-action

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