Lady Macbeth's Suicide Report

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Lady Macbeth’s Suicide Note My dearest partner in heinous crime, the dark has come. Hell enshrouds me. I am like a child afraid of the dark. I must keep the candles lit at all hours. My childhood eyes see in the darkness the “painted devils.” (Act 1 Scene 2) My ears hear the “owl scream” and the “crying crickets” and the “croaking raven” (Act 2 Scene 5) - all rob my sleep. My nose smells the innocent blood of those victims to our ambition, our king so much like my sleeping father, the “Great Bond” himself, Banquo, and the mistress and hildren of our Thane of Fife. Oh my dear one, you thought that you had “murdered sleep” (Act 2 Scene 2) but I have murdered more than that – I have murdered our very
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