Lady Macbeth Comparison

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Compare the way that Lady Macbeth, the protagonist of The Laboratory, Havisham and one poem of your choice are presented. Lady Macbeth, the protagonist in The Laboratory, Miss Havisham and the woman in the Battered Doll are portrayed as either physically or physiologically damaged causing the audience to be intrigued by their actions, creating a form of entertainment causing the audience to react differently depending whether it was a modern audience or not. The authors present their characters as damaged women using men as a catalyst to ignite their strong emotions towards them. This creates the theme of female dominance, death and a pinch of vulnerability. The result of the actions they have committed or what has been done to them, they react similarly but at different approaches, creating an idea of violence. Lady Macbeth and the protagonist from The Laboratory both used the convenience of their femininity to gain what they desire most, which is power. Considering they both want to inflict pain on a man to gain what they want. Lady Macbeth uses a persuasive technique to get what she wants, she does this by challenging Macbeth through questioning his manhood, ‘’When you durst do it, then you were a man’’. This challenges Macbeth emotionally causing him to reconsider his manhood, ‘’Prithee, peace: I dare do all that may become a man’’. Lady Macbeth would have startled the audience considering that women in the Elizabethan society were seen as sub servant. Women were expected to have good manners and obey their husbands, since Lady Macbeth does have a high social status, she would be expected to be gentle and dignified. Whereas the Lady in The Laboratory has another approach to manipulating the person making her poison sexually, ‘’You may kiss me old man’’. This suggest she is using physical sexual attraction to manipulate the person because a ‘’kiss’’ is
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