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Sense This monologue of Lady Macbeth, which take place in Act 5, Scene 1, (the events leading up to her suicide.) Lady Macbeth while sleep walking and speaking to herself, reveals the guilt and remorse she has over the murder of King Duncan. Discourse foreground Macbeth rapidly turns to be self-determining and shows more of his own determination. Eventually, Lady Macbeth started to show her true nature. Lady Macbeth's weakness increases as time go by, and her interest declined. Lady Macbeth is mostly to blame for make worse for the struggle between Macbeth's morals and loyalty. This duality in Lady Macbeth's character plays a huge role to establish Macbeth's downfall and eventual demise. The discourses Lady Macbeth operates under were those of power, femininity and morality. The following text is an alternate reading. Ideology By the conclusion of Shakespeare’s "Macbeth," Lady Macbeth has reflected that her mind is stronger than her spirit. While the start of the play was performed, Lady Macbeth had been a strong mind and influence image to Macbeth. She was the voice of willpower and solidity, so far deep down; she never carried such character to begin with. She began this nightmare with a negative, overbearing style, preying on Macbeth's weak point in order to lead him on. Power was taken at all costs, and the femininity was due to the ideology. Interior Monologue [Lady Macbeth enters the room carrying a candle] My beliefs in satisfaction and an overpowering sense of success, an achievement due to great goal, are slowly becoming those of guilt and view of disorder. My sense of right and wrong, which I once thought clear, begins to fill with thoughts of guilt and regret. Gradually the unforgotten memories from that ruthless night overcome me and I give in to the terrible images, the bloody daggers, and a lifeless body of the King. [Lady Macbeth

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