Lady Gaga - Paparazzi Analysis

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Lady Gaga – Paparazzi The camera work is used in this video to show different aspects of the “celebrity” character, when the camera is above the character in the video the video still shows him as an innocent character, using facial expressions and sub-titles. After this point he is mainly shot form below because he then tries to murders someone after seeing the paparazzi. This shows the relationship between the lyrics and the images because the song is about the paparazzi having a need for the celebrity, and visa versa. The unsteady movement of the camera at time is to create the haste and movement of the paparazzi, this works well with the lighting (flashing) to put the audience in the paparazzi shoes and almost experience the panic they create, once again a theme from the lyrics. A lot of close ups and extreme close ups are used when the camera moving fast as well, this once again is to create effect from the lyrics, the close ups could connote represent the invasion of privacy the paparazzi create. Long shots are used to also show the mise en scene, especially the setting, it is used to show the grand interior of the buildings where the “celebrities” live and the same technique is used to show the space around one particular character showing her as the centre of attentions then showing her as alone. The editing used within the video focuses mainly on the cutting of the camera shots, most are upbeat, to go in time with the music and the movement of the protagonist. The editing is also used to create the idea of the audience being the paparazzi again, because by using special effects the effect of a camera is shown, this is used at beginning where the audience is put in the place of the paparazzi and then again when they are put in the place of the police. Jump cuts are used when in the middle so that the importance of what is

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