Lady Gaga Branding

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Lady Gaga Branding Lady Gaga and her team use the four P’s of marketing to brand Gaga with what a heavy emphasis on the product which obviously carries through to the remaining three P’s. What is quite apparent is that the one thing that truly sets Lady Gaga apart from other entertainers is “She owns her brand.” Albeit completely out there, Lady Gaga remains true to her identity whether on the stage off, which whether intentional or not is a stroke of marketing genius that has paid off for the House of Gaga. Although Lady Gaga fans are surprised with the next Lady Gaga outlandish outfit or performance, she always remains true to her identity therefore; she always gives her fans exactly what they expect from her which creates a sense of dependability that fuels fan loyalty. The Gaga product is all inclusive as the whole incorporates the performer, music and lyrics, videos, CDs, Twitter and Facebook pages, Youtube videos, Farmville, and personal phone calls. While social media networks are a newer tool used to market products the Lady Gaga has incorporated them in a traditional marketing sense by expanding her overall product. The Gaga team uses pricing as a marketing strategy to brand Gaga in that Gaga the product if offered at the right price which is evidenced by her sold out concerts and the 1.1 million new albums sold in the first week of its release. Additionally, the Gaga team has used Youtube and Farmville to give fans a sneak peak of new releases for free and free is always the right price for any fan. By allowing fans access to new music and videos at no cost the Gag team has created a feeling of better value for the fan bass which is a traditional yet proven method of successful branding. Lady Gaga did not hit the music scene as a superstar from day one. It took a great deal of work to attain her current status and through the use of proper

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