Ladies Are Better Parent Than Men Essay

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father and mother. Both sexes play an essential part in raising the child. We know that men Ladies are a better parent than men. A child was born with two parents –the one they call hold a heavier responsibility on their shoulder compare to women, but a great man does not said that mothers or female are in reality better parents based on their natural intuition and compassionate tendencies. First of all, for a wide variety of socio-cultural reasons, women tend to have more intuitive necessarily be a great parent. Although fathers can become excellent parents, I still strongly intelligence than men. It is this intuition that enables the mother to know when her child needs her. In addition, women often know how to read non-verbal signals in human behavior, which major role in making the mother a close, responsible and responsive parent. Men lack this kind mother as they know what her child want. can alert them to issues and problems in the child’s life. All of these “perceptive skills” play a of skill. This shows when a child cry, the first person to attend the baby will always be the Secondly, most mothers share a matchless bond with their children. Perhaps this bond arises during the nine months of pregnancy or maybe it is reinforced through the act of breastfeeding. Study do shows that breastfeeding is the perfect time for mother and child to build up a special relationship. Whatever the cause, there often appears to be a lifelong silver chord or psychic connection between mother and child. As a result, the mother is able to they may not be able to match the depth of closeness shared by mother and child. analyse the child’s actions. Although fathers may form deep loving bonds with their children, Thirdly, women are said to sacrifice more for her baby compare to the father. Women regard her child as part of their daily routine where they

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