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Lacy and Siddartha Essay

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  • on March 31, 2014
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Lacy’s Serenity

Living in your parent’s house at 21 years old was not on Lacy Trakie’s bucket list. Lacy Trakie was one of the most beautiful, smartest, and richest girls in Phoenix, Arizona. Her father, who is always away on business, was the CEO of a very big Aluminum company and her mother was a retired model. She was always looked to be the ‘one who would succeed’, but unfortunately for Lacy that did not end up happening. She was still living with her mother and housemaids. By now, Lacy thought that she would be signed to a modeling agency or some director would make her the star of his movie. Her luck wasn’t on her side.
The only person that couldn’t wait to get out of Phoenix as much as Lacy was her best friend Daniel. Daniel and Lacy have been friends since 4th grade. They have done everything together since day one. They only problem was, Daniel liked Lacy more than just a friend. Daniel wanted to be more than friends, but he knew that right now was not the best time.
The day that Lacy was waiting for has finally arrived. In her hand, she is holding an envelope from her University with the answer if she was eligible to study aboard this semester or not. Of course she could not open it without Daniel. Right on cue, Daniel rang the doorbell.
She ran to the door and swung it open, “Danny I cant, I cannot open it. I am to nervous!” Lacy says while she stared at her shaky hands. Daniel took a hold of her shoulders and she looked up at him. “Lacy, you are beautiful, smart and talented. Who wouldn’t accept you?” she looked away. ‘Did she just blush?’ Daniel thought. “Thanks Danny”, she says and places a kiss on his cheek.
Taking in a deep breath, she starts opening the envelope, but suddenly she stops. “What’s wrong Lace?” Daniel says, worriedly. “You do it.” She states. Daniel takes the envelope in his hands and opens it; a smirk plays on his lips as he is reading it. “Lace….I told you they’d accept you!” she screams and jumps into his arms. She’s so...

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