Lackawanna Blues Essay

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This movie revolves around a mother figure named Nanny Crosby. She owned a huge house with her husband and the movie started out in as a big gathering for a fish fry. The family seemed perfect and the most beautiful event happened within the fish fry, a baby was born. After the birth of the new born occurs flaws began to show within the big family and reality starts to set in what the purpose of the movie is. The new born is later named Ruben jr. and later after his birth his parents split up and his mother returns to Nanny’s house where she begins to take over and becomes the guardian of Ruben junior. Ruben juniors mother was overly worked and couldn’t handle the load of taking care of a kid. It later becomes clear that Nanny’s big house is a house for rooming. Her house rooms people who are trying to start over in life and become better people in life, these people anywhere from convicts to drug abbusers. Nanny is portrayed as a mother to all in need of a home and she gives her hurt to these people as if they were her own, she gives them a family oriented feel. Ruben Jr. mother becomes very distant in his life and make plenty of promises to Ruben Jr. that are broken and Nanny is now looked at, in Ruben’s eyes, as “mom”. As for Ruben Jr. father Ruben Senior, who had partaken in Ruben’s life, couldn’t take on the responsibilities of being a single parent because he too was a member in Nanny’s house. As time progressed it becamed hard for Nanny to bare all the stress accumillated in caring for all the tenants and stress of a crumbiling marriage. Eventually everyone gets old and a few people pass away. Nanny beats cancer and the house shows appreciation. Nanny’s proudest accomplishment was raising a fine young gentlemen in Ruben Junior. This movie reminds me of a neighbor of mine who took everyone in who was unfortunate when I was younger. Just like Nanny, my

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