Lack Of Water In America Essay

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Disappearing Water Do to the lack of rain in many areas of Central Asia, farmers have been running into many irrigation problems. With population growth around fifteen percent more food is necessary, therefore more water is needed. This is a problem because water is running out. The area of Uzbekistan, formerly part of the Soviet Union, had twenty thousand miles of canals, forty-five dams, and eighty reservoirs. These irrigation techniques actually made Uzbekistan into one of the best cotton growing areas in the world. That is until people realized what was happening. These rivers derive from different areas but all head to one main body of water, the Aral Sea. Therefore, the depth of the water in the Aral Sea is drastically dropping. Another reason water irrigation is a problem in Central Asia is that many things in this region are outdated. More waste is caused do to the poor water systems, saving less water for purposeful irrigation. One of the articles I read wrote, “In Soviet times, the Kremlin spent at…show more content…
In Wines’s article he tell about a farmer that is trying to cut back on water usage. This farmer runs a 250 acre rice plot, and says to irrigate that land for a year will require 740 million gallons of water, which Wines’s says is enough to fill 1,300 Olympic swimming pools. Why does this require so much water? Because rice paddies require the water to be nearly knee deep for the crop to thrive and grow to its full potential. High maintenance crops such as rice paddies are another main cause for the lack of water in the area. Overall, the lack of water for irrigation in the Central Asia area is due to over usage of certain rivers for irrigation, very poor water irrigation systems that are not efficient, flooding and depleting rivers, and finally, crops that are in need of great deals of water and will not be able to thrive without it. Works
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