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DE English Comp II Scene I: is conflict within a family an indication of caring? In The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, Williams begins the story by letting us view a conflict between the three main characters, Amanda, Laura and Tom. What they are arguing about, is the way Tom is chewing his food. Amanda (mom) simply wants her son to “eat food leisurely, and really enjoy it.” Meanwhile, Tom (son) claims that “[he] hasn’t enjoyed one bit of this dinner because of [Amanda’s] constant direction on how to eat it” Conflict does not always indicate lack of caring in a family. Using the story as an example, Amanda just wanted her son to be able to enjoy his meals. We should savor all the flavors of every meal we eat, because we are able to taste it all unlike animals. She just wants Tom to eat like a human, and not like an animal. On the other hand, Tom sees his mothers’ constant nagging as annoying and sickening to the point where he purposefully rushed through meals. Using an example from my own life, I can remember getting my first new car. I had the expectations of a car that would surely impress all of my peers. When it finally came down to it, my mother didn’t want me to have a new car. And when I found this out, let’s just say it wasn’t quiet in my house. At first I was aggravated and annoyed. We fought for what seemed like hours, until I left. She started with the excuses of not wanting another car payment, and not wanting to pay for more insurance. Knowing she could afford it, it angered me that she was coming up with such dim witted excuses. But when it came down to it, I kind of understand where she was coming from. She later on explained that she was worried that something would happen to me in a new car. I would speed, I would race, I would get robbed, or that I would be too focused on the things going on inside to realize everything outside.

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