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Labrador retrievers: information on labs Labradors are 1 of the most popular breeds thought the whole world. But mostly popular in the United States. There are many reasons for this but it’s mostly history,aperrance,care, and interesting facts. The history of these dog goes back centuries. they were once known a “Saint Johns dogs” until the 19th century( 2008)the irony of these dogs is that they are not originally from Labrador Canada but from Newfoundland Canada. where they were trained to ump into the icy waters and pull fisherman’s nets to shore. some were brought from Labrador to England which is where their natural retrieving instinct was developed and made stronger. they had also been know for their excellence in tracking and detection of narcotics and aiding the blind.( 1998)they were named Labrador retrievers to set apart from the original Newfoundland dog. The breed was not actually established until 1820. There have been AKC pedigrees that go back to the 1880’s but the first yellow lab document (Ben of Hyde) turned 1 on the year 1900.(Ben Richardson 20 02) There are few acceptable labs. They must have certain qualifications to be a genuine Labrador retriever. There are three adequate colors black, yellow, and chocolate (there have been accounts of gray labs but AKC registered them as a shade of chocolate). As well as two types of labs English and American. Labs are firm dogs with a double coat that is easy to groom because it repels dirt and water if you have a thoroughbred dog. Labs have a large head, ample muzzle, and a strong neck. They also have webbed feet to help them swim.(dogbreedinfo.com1998).If you have a lab its like having a dog made specifically to hunt water birds. labs have an otter tail strong jaws and a well-groomed head. to every right there is a left to every up there is a down

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