Labour of the Heart and the Teacher Who Changed My Life Essay

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Living Life to the Full Sometimes we meet people who make us see life from a different angle. Thanks to their guidance, we may not only discover those aspects of life towards which we have been blind, but we may also set the course of our professional lives. This is the case of Pinky, the main character of the short story “ Labors of the Heart”, a forty-years-old single man who had never had a love relationship due to his health problems; and Nicholas Gage the author of the essay “ The Teacher Who Changed my Life”, a young war refugee whose mother was murdered by communist guerrillas in Greece. Pinky´s and Nicholas` lives changed for the better after they met Rose and Mrs. Hurd respectively. Pinky became aware of his physical appearance and discovered a new world beyond the walls of his house due to the desire for winning Rose`s heart. In order to be handsome for his new neighbor, Pinky started a diet and an exercise program. Whenever he went to the supermarket, he avoided lasagna, doughnuts and chocolate cheese cake that he was used to consuming in excess; instead, he began buying healthy food like fruits, vegetables and all sort of low- calorie food. Besides, he stopped using his car so often, and now he started to walk the three blocks to work and back home. This physical activity helped him become a more active man and faster worker. Furthermore, Pinky stopped hiding herself at home and started enjoying the company of others. Tired of being locked in his house like in prison, he became a more sociable person. On his daily walks at work and back home, he started waving neighbors and smiling at them. Moreover, for the first time in his life, he made a real friend. He spent most of his time with Rose. They went to the supermarket, on picnics, and even to the cinema together. Definitely, he appreciated the invaluable joy of his new friend`s company. Similarly,

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