Laboratory Report: Unit 6

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Introduction & Hypothesis The purpose of this experimentation was to gain a better understand of osmosis. We conducted an experiment using dialysis bags filled with different solutes and recorded the process that moved the water and or solute into or out of the bags. Additionally, we postulated that bag 1 containing 10 ml of 10% sucrose in the distilled water beaker will become a hypertonic solution because the sucrose will move into the beaker. In conjunction with the previous statement, we believe bag 2 (10 ml of dH20 – in a 10% sucrose beaker) will become a hypotonic solution and bag 3 (10 ml of 10% sucrose – in a sucrose beaker) will remain a isotonic solution. Materials & Methods: 1. Locate the 400ml beakers in the lab, you will need three. Then with the appropriate writing tool, label the beakers 1-3. 2. Locate the beaker you labeled 1 and add 200 ml of distilled water. Then add 200 ml of the 10 % sucrose to both beakers labeled 2 and 3. 3. Find the dialysis tubing in the lab, make sure it has been submerged in water and grab 3 tubes. Also you will need to get six pieces of cotton strings and cut them to the length of four inches; you will need this to tie the ends of the tubing. 4. Take one end of the tubing and twist it like a candy wrapper and use the string to tie it tight. Then use your fingers and rub the other end until it opens. Repeat this two more times 5. Use a pipet to put 10 ml of the appropriate solutions in each bag: Bag 1: 10 ml – 10% sucrose Bag 2: 10 ml – Distilled Water Bag 3: 10 ml – 10% Sucrose 6. Squeeze as much air as possible out of the tubes and tie the remanding open sides shut. 7. Make sure to cut the excess string hanging off of each bag. 8. Locate the digital balance scale and weigh each bag. Make sure to dry the bags before weighting them and also zero out the scale before weighing

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