Labor Unions in the Modern Era

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The Relevance of Labor Unions in the Modern Era The rights of employees are very important in the maintenance of a good working environment. They ensure that employees are provided with proper working conditions, wages and benefits. These are all instrumental in order to make the lives of the employers and workers bearable in order to maintain profitability and productivity. The effects of respecting these rights have an effect not only in the workplace but also the society that employers and employees alike are part of. This is the reason why the government makes sure that by enacting policies the rights of employees are respected and upheld. Aside from the government there interest groups that also work to make sure not only the rights but also the welfare of employees are taken care of. The most common among these interest groups are called labor unions or in other countries trade unions. Labor Unions are organizations set up by employees in order to advance their welfare and needs. They are made up of employees who work for a certain company or industry who then elect leaders who will the ones who are tasked to negotiate for the members issues like work conditions, wages and complaints. The driving force behind the conception of the idea of a labor union was the increase in work force that was started by the industrial revolution. This was a time when working conditions were not really favorable, wages were low and the rights of workers were mostly ignored. The labor unions that were created by the workers were instrumental in making the demands known to the employers and agencies concerned. They primarily used communication and leverage in order to get their demands accepted. It no doubt changed the way employers and concerned agencies treated the workers who now had a voice and did much to improve working conditions and the lives of workers

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