Labor Relations Week 5 Essay

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Labor Relations HRM 330 Rasaan Lide DeVry University Online Introduction When there is a dispute between two parties one of the fastest the way to handle a dispute are to use a arbitrator. Arbitrator acts as a judge and the jury with out being inside a courtroom. Arbitrator main goal is to settle a dispute between two parties reviewing and listening to all evidence to make a fair decision. As a attorney for Bainbridge Borough I would support their decision on rejecting Mrs. Carol Ferns request because after rejecting her initial request Bainbridge Borough also gave her the option to take two consecutive ninety day reasonable purpose leaves. Maternity leave is mainly for mother’s full recovery from their pregnancies and to build a stronger mother to child bond. According to the FMLA a mother only gets twelve weeks of unpaid leave, which Carol is still short of her request, Bainbridge Borough offered her two reasonable purpose leave which covers her request. Also Mrs. Carol Fern had already taken two weeks of leave of paid vacation that can also count towards her maternity leave. Additionally Mrs. Carol Fern gave a short notice on when she needed to take her maternity leave, she informed Bainbridge Borough a day before her paid leave expired that she need to take an additional six months of paternity. According to the Department of Labor she need to provide the request at least five business days before. As an attorney for AFSCME Local 10. I would say Mrs. Carol Fern maternity leave request rejection violated the collective bargaining agreement because according to the contract Article X. Section 4.A-Unpaid leaves “Maternity leaves not exceed six months shall be granted at the request of an employee”. In which Mrs. Carol Fern qualifies according to FMLA leave is granted for “the birth of a son or daughter or placement of a son or daughter with the
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