Labor Relations Essay

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Management Name Institution Date As a planning committee member, where the issues related to unionization and labor costs are discussed, I will consider and thorough check on the environment of the area and also in other places where the plant can possibly be located. Owing to the fact that unions are majorly found in major towns and cities, especially the North, where there are many workers, and least in rural and small towns, a rural location will be my preference. This is because workers in rural environments have little willingness to join the trade unions. The reason is that there is very little membership there. Due to the rural location again, no much information is given or available to the employees on the need to be in a union. The benefits and economic considerations of joining a union are also not made available to them. Therefore, the employees cannot be encouraged to join. On the issue of the size of the plant, I would encourage that the number of workers be slightly above 500 but not below 400. The reason behind this is that small plants with few workers can get capital very quickly from the union and start agitating for their issues quite vigorously. Keeping it high will therefore be prudent. Our company, GMFC, if quite large and will have the advantage. It has been known that few workers are easier to navigate their way through in union than large ones. To avoid this, we should always keep it above what unions can easily take up. In the case of employee benefits and other wages, we can employ the use of gain sharing method. This method is essential given the fact that it encourages a high morale and strengthens worker-management relations. If we use this method very well, employees will not see the need to join unions since it will be a ‘threat’ to their earnings. The payments made will be as per performance and the restricted rules of working

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