Labor Relations Essay

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1. Pick one of the four schools of thought of “the labor problem (mainstream economics, human resource management, industrial relations, or critical (or Marxist) industrial relations) and tell us what that school thinks is the basic cause of the labor problem and their solution. Then tell us whether or not you subscribe to that school of thought and why or why not? Human resource management, this school of thought states that the labor problem stems from poor management. This school of thought is explained as giving the workers something to work for, or giving them a fair balance of motivation such as “ Justice, security, respect, and opportunities for advancement” ( pg 34 Labor Relations 4th edition Budd) If the company is properly managed then they wont have to worry about losing employees to other companies like they would with the mainstream economics school of thought. The Human resources managemtn school of thought portrays private unions as a unnessisary third party, one that should not be able to weigh in on in house company issues. In the HR school of thought, unions can also be viewed as a “ fever” meaning a sign of unhealthy human resources practces would need a union. I found this paragraph in the Nestle corporation HR hand book. I thought it was a good example of how Human Resources should be used in a company that wants a balanced employee relationship. “Nestlé provides a working environment which protects the health and welfare of the employees according to the highest affordable standards of safety, hygiene and security. Each employee should not only care for her/his own safety but also that of her/his colleagues. Therefore, suggestions for improvement are welcome and will be given prime consideration.” I think that I do subscibe to this school of thought. It would be awful refreshing to work for a company that

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