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Running head: LABOR RELATIONS PAPER Labor Relatons University of Phoenix MGT 431 January 11, 2010 According to the readings, the history of unions could be traced back many years ago. There are no particular type of unions they organized in many different forms and organized themselves for several different reasons. The purpose is not solely for the rights of the employees but they operated in a ways that creates a solid society for the working people. The purpose of this essay of the paper is to define unions and labor relations and the effects on organizations. This essay will show the effect and changes in the various employee relation strategies, policies and practices on organizational performances. After reading this material, the author will have knowledge of whether unions are relevant in the United States. Unions Unions are designed for employee to have representation when dealing with matters of their employers. There times when employees feel as if their needs are not receiving priority attention from members of management. The primary reason why unions have been formed is to act as a liaison when dealing with conflicting issues with the employer. In some situations, unions assist the employee with assurance that the employees best interest are the inevitable while aligning goals of the corporation. The unions act as a voice that manages all areas of conflict especially when it comes to employee contracts, and the super seeing complaints. As a result of much unionization, there had to be a way to create order within the organizations who used unions, they had to develop a way to handle the interactions of the employees and the mangers who were involved directly impacted by unions and this was called labor relations. Labor Relations are just a field of the union that prevents union leaders from facing economically reforms

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