Labor Relation Case Study

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ENG 121: Essential of College Writing Pressnell Gilbert English Composition 1 Instructor: Anne Marie Fowler 10/10/12 Can a bad call affect the outcome of the Labor Relation. The replacement Referees officiated the preseason National Football league games. The national football league is known as America’s game. No matter who or what the situation was the national football league product continue to prosper. National football league is a very high price market and it product is valuable beyond means. Economically the national football league gross nearly 9 billion dollars in total revenues last year. So this summer the (NFL) officials decided to strike because they felt weren't being paid enough compared to what the league was grossing yearly. A source stated from a union official that it would cost the N.F.L just 3.2 million annually, if the league met all of the demands a fraction of the 9 billion (New York Times). The referees had not been trained properly and were thrower in to the pot. Most of the referees had no prior experience with the NFL. The replacement referees arrived…show more content…
Roger Goodell Commissioner was concerned over the replacement and Scott Green, the president of the NFL Referees Association announced that a new contract was agreed on. The ref's sat out for 115 days. Tim Millis, the executive director of the NFLRA, told USA TODAY Sports that a deal had been reach, “very good” and that most of the discussion were question-and answer session on non-economics matters. So the official got a deal worth returning for, but will there officiating really change the game. The controversial “ Fail Mary” definitely had some impact in the game between Seattle Seahawks and Green bay Packer. It will be determine later on by the players and fans how good the calls will

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