Labor Laws and Unions: Advance Auto Parts Essay

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Labor Laws and Unions: Advance Auto Parts Labor Laws and Unions: Advance Auto Parts When it comes to Advance Auto Parts it is just business as usual. A growing success for more than 80 year, Advance Auto Parts has provided service for many millions of Americans. If Advance Auto Parts were to unionize the effects on such a successful business could alter the business completely. Advance Auto Part- A Brief Background Arthur Taubman bought three stores from Pep Boys in 1932 thus creates the beginning of Advance Auto Parts. First named Advance Stores, LLC, the company began in Virginia and then spread to North Carolina. When Arthur Taubman handed the presidential reigns of the company to his son Nick Taubman in 1969 Advance Stores, LLC, had grown to include 54 stores in four states. In 1985 Advance Stores, LLC became Advance Auto Parts. Advance Auto Parts opened its 300th store in 1993. By the companies 75th birthday in 2007, there was over 3000 stores in the US, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Today it is safe to say that Advance Auto Parts is still a thriving business (Advance Stores Company, Inc. 2013). Advance Auto Parts- The Legal Issues and Obstacles of the Company Advance Auto Parts is a customer service based business and therefore most of the obstacles that Advance Auto Parts will face will involve how the customers feel. The first could be an unsatisfied customer. The second could be drivers without proper licenses to drive merchandise from store to store. The third could be out dated merchandise and sales. All of these could result in a legal battle or even a simple obstacle in the way of success. Advance Auto Parts- Laws That Could Be Broken Laws need to be followed thoroughly and not broken even by mistake. When it comes to Advance Auto Parts and the legal issues and obstacles that could be broken are laws concerning customers and how they are

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