Labor History Essay

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The U.S. Constitution has created the foundation for the American legal system and the labor system. The Articles of Confederation , Americas’ first constitution began a legal system outside of British authority and changed a mercantilist economy into one that benefitted the colonies and not the British government. The Articles of Confederation was ratified in 1781. Thirteen British colonies had asserted and established their independence because they declared the form of government under which they had been living was destructive of their “unalienable rights” of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Each of these colonies had established a government of its own, and together they had formed a union of the “United States of America”. The labor market began to shift from making products for the British, to making products that helped the American economy. The American Constitution gave the labor market and legal system a consistency it did not have. It allowed for overtime, one currency, taxes, destroyed types of labor, created the foundation of the legal system with enumerated rights, and has been amended to protect workers and even children’s rights. The Articles of Confederation gave Congress authority over war, currency and foreign affairs, however each of the colonies operated independently, with a government of it’s own. Together, the colonies formed a Union of the United States of America. The American Revolution gave the country independence from Great Britain. It became evident that the group of colonies needed a central government that was stronger. “Soon after America won its independence from Great Britain with its 1783 victory in the American Revolution, it became increasingly evident that the young republic needed a stronger central government in order to remain stable. In 1786, Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804), a lawyer and politician

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