Labor From 1875 To 1900

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DBQ Organized labor was unsuccessful in the time period of 1875 to 1900. Labor unions were formed with goals to improve working conditions, wages, and hours. They attempted to achieve these goals by going on strikes. Through all the dedication the unions came up unsuccessful. In the time period of 1875 to 1900 hours and wages were awful. The average daily hours were 9.9. From 1875 to 1880, for those five years the daily wages drastically decreased, then from there to 1891 they rose with a steady increase (Doc. A). Along with these dreadful wages and hours there were poor working conditions. The working conditions were the main cause for the strikes. There were improvements being made throughout the time period. “The working people find that improvements are constantly being made, and unless a strike, the improvements will all go to the employer…” (Doc I). As stated, without the laborers performing a strike the improvements would just benefit the employers and the employees had to work for every little thing they got. “The strike is apparently hopeless, and must be regarded as nothing more than a rash of resentment by men too ignorant to understand their interests” (Doc. B). This is saying if they are too reckless to realize that they can be replaced by others. Many of the strikes were crushed and just failed. The two major labor unions that were formed were Kings of labor and American federation of labor (AFL). The knights fought for an 8-hour work day and to end child labor while the AFL had goals of a “bread and butter” union, which were better hours and wages along with better working conditions. Both of these unions attempted to achieve their goals by going on strike. One of the strikes was the Great Railroad Strike of 1877; it was the first nationwide strike. The members of the strike demanded 8 hour workday, they formed a third party and lost heavily in the
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