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How Has Childbirth Changed in this Generation? Today, a woman giving birth has not changed at all, as far as the process goes. Babies are still being born the same as they were 25 years ago but of course, there is better technology. Many years ago women were more fearful of childbirth because there were mothers who died during or after childbirth. Granted, there are still moms that do not live, but those numbers have dropped tremendously over the years. Most babies were born at home with a midwife and now that is less common. Based on my research, during the 20th century, childbirth has shifted into the hospital setting more than ever because of the availability of pain medications, the belief that Physicians were most qualified to deliver and women believed that hospital births were safer. I know when I gave birth to my two daughters; I would have never considered doing home birth. I guess I would be so afraid of something going wrong, and we couldn’t administer proper care. My oldest daughter Jessica, was born prematurely. (Born at 31 weeks) I couldn’t imagine having her that early 25 years ago. Honestly, she may not have lived. I had severe Preeclampsia, where I was borderline epileptic. My little lady was born at only 2 lbs. 13 oz. and 15 inches long. I had an emergency cesarean section, which many years ago were less common. It was very scary. Lucky me, I have a supportive husband and family who were right there with me. The type of medical care they give to these precious little babies is nothing short than amazing. Today the rate of moms using a cesarean section has increased to almost 30%. There were more women having babies, due to the lack of birth control. Now days most moms work and it’s just not feasible to have a lot of children. Just think about the childcare/medical cost for three or four children, versus one. Pain management has been another

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